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Anonymous sent: TBH Britty is lovely, but unfortunately we can't help you with your jealousy issues, dear Anon.

XD I reeeaalllyyyy don’t think this is a jealousy issue, but thanks anyway lol.

like i don’t mind it that much, I understand that there will be people who don’t like me, just as there are people that I don’t like. I just prefer constructive criticism so that I can know what I’m doing wrong

I know I’ve posted some hurtful things about certain people in the past, but I really should not have. As much as I want to speak my opinion, it’s not right to talk about people behind their backs. With the posts I’ve made, I had high hopes that those people would see them, but when I look back on it, I really should have just messaged the person and handled matters privately. If the anon hater is one of those people, then I’d like to apologize for my actions. If it isn’t, then I’d sincerely like to know what I’ve done wrong so that I can fix it.

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Anonymous sent: You bitch. Fuck you whore

um can i ask why?

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Anonymous sent: Hi. I'm eleven, and I find that most people my age are very obnoxious and frankly just plain rude and ignorant. Could you make an exception for the small percentage of 'mature' under-18s, or will I have to wait? Thanks.

The problem with letting in a few exceptions would be that when it came time to have to tell someone “no” because of their age they could point their finger and say “but that person gets to stay” and then drama happens. And I believe you when you say you’re more mature than other 11 year olds, but another problem I’m seeing is that even though you probably know all the cuss words and other adult language, it might make some of the adults feel uncomfortable about not being “kid friendly” around someone so young. So I’m sorry, but yea, you’re going to need to wait :/

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#but omg that is so sweet :')
Anonymous sent: We miss you on tumblr :(

I miss me on tumblr too :’(

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#thanks for following though! :3

oh man i keep getting new followers and I feel so bad because i’ve been too busy to make real posts D;

I’m sorry! <3

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lovelylor sent: Your tamagotchi collection is beautiful! and I love your blog!

omgomgomg lovelylor loves my blog! *3*

Thanks!~ :’D

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awwter said: Which community is this?

All of them -_- (but specifically referring to the FB page Tamagotchi Ancestors)

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Anonymous sent: What happened?

Some stuff on FB, I’d rather not get into it because I’m not directly involved 

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I need a drink -_-